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RJCC Orin Enterprises

RJCC Orin Enterprises Ltd is involved in a diverse range of business activities and assists its clients with fulfilling their various business demands. Currently, we are focusing on Renewable Sources of Energy due to its important contribution towards substantial ecological, social and economic benefits. Our contacts with reputable international companies allow us to provide our clients with unique business connections and support systems that meet each of their respective needs and achieve their goals in their pursuit of successfully developing renewable energy projects.

RJCC Orin Enterprises Ltd pursues a full range of projects in different ranges of renewable energy as the following areas:

Our areas of Renewable Energy

  • Solar Energy
    Photovoltaic parks, street lights, solar panels for commercial buildings, government buildings, hospitals, private houses, and agricultural sector.

  • Wind Energy
    Wind farms, offshore wind farms, electric stations.

  • Biomass and Bioenergy waste management
    This includes municipal and industrial waste or feed stocks, fisheries and hospital waste converted into different renewable forms of energy friendly to the environment and beneficial to the people.

  • Hydroelectric
    Hydroelectric power plants can store energy and quickly supply electricity on demand. Located in areas near water or rivers without an extensive energy supply system, the installation of hydroelectric power can provide the basis for regional economic development.

  • Ecological Housing
    Ecological Housing developments are self-sustainable, friendly to the environment, and have economic benefits.