Orin Enterprises

renewable energy

Real Estate

RJCC Orin Enterprises is a provider of a diverse range of investment projects throughout the Balkans and the Middles East. We are involved in facilitating cross-national collaborations in order to secure financing and further promote growth and investment in these developing markets. We have targeted certain sectors in these countries that are in the early stages of development and have high prospects for growth and return on investment.

Our Involvement

We are in contact with various large scale properties that are available at an economic price and are suitable for the development of renewable energy projects. Furthermore, there are commercial properties available in excellent locations that are primed for the development of hotels, commercial office buildings, housing developments, logistics, and factories.

In addition to these real estate properties we have been requested to find financing for the construction of a new hospital. The developer of this hospital project has already done extensive preliminary work. The architectural plans have been made and a local company has already been chosen for construction. They are looking for a partner to finance and manage the hospitalís future operations and are offering a designated percentage in ownership.