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renewable energy


We are interested in pursuing these projects with a reputable company or investors which will help develop and finance these projects. These projects are an excellent opportunity for investment due to many of their favorable aspects. In addition to developing an entire project, there is also an option of being involved as an investor or a joint venture partner in most projects. Below is a sample of projects that we are involved in pursuing. If you would like to learn more about these or any other projects that are available please contact us.


Solar Energy Projects

2 MW Photovoltaic Project

  • The project is a 2 MW photovoltaic farm on an ideal piece of property a short distance from an electric station.
  • It owned by a renewable energy company and the project has obtained all the legal documents pertaining to environmental requirements according to the governments’ renewable energy laws.
  • The permit is expected to be issued soon since all the necessary requirements have been fulfilled by the company for the development this 2 MW Photovoltaic Park on the property.


Wind Energy Projects

50-100 MW Wind Park

  • 50-100MW Wind Park with multiple units installed of identical capacity and is currently looking for a reputable company to develop this project.
  • The project owner will be required to design, finance, build, and operate the wind park for a term of (20-25) years.
  • The project owner is expected to operate and maintain the wind park for an agreed upon number of years the energy generated from the Wind Park with a power purchase agreement (PPA) is guarantee for purchase from the Government.
  • Studies on the wind potential have been conducted for several years and showed that there is a very high wind potential in this area of the country.

182 MW Wind Park

  • Wind farm project that is searching for a development partner.
  • The planned farm is 85 turbines on a suitable piece of land for wind energy development.
  • Exclusive rights to for use of the land for construction and development of the project.


Biomass Projects

Biogas Power Plant

  • A biogas fermentation power plant with electricity production based on local agricultural products.
  • Local government supports the project
  • Six figure investment cost subsidies from various funds
  • Short return on investment within 10 years

Biomass Power Plant

  • Biomass power plant using local agricultural straw powered energy.
  • 25MW
  • Feed-in tariff of over a decade
  • Tax allowances from the government
  • Secured long-term biomass fuel from local suppliers

Hydro-Chemical Heat Pump

  • The hydro-chemical heat pump extracts thermal energy from low grade heat sources and stores it in the form of chemical energy for use later.
  • Cost effective with high outputs at 1000MW of heat for 20 years
  • Consumes no fuel and can be used for lighting
  • Extremely cost effective for saving on heating costs


Real Estate Projects

Hospital Project

  • A feasibility study for the project and permits for the project have already been issued.
  • The total cost of the buildings, including the medical equipment, estimated to be no more than $50.000.000 dollars.
  • The size of the entire property is 2500 square meters with the building being 22.000 square meters and 13 floors. The hospital’s capacity will be 220 to 260 beds.
  • The property is in an excellent location as it exists at a crossing point among national and international highways that are an integral part of the nation's transport infrastructure.