Orin Enterprises

renewable energy


RJCC Orin Enterprise’s primary service is to connect people and companies together in order to ensure the successful development and completion of both party’s projects. We have relations with reputable companies and government authorities from countries throughout the Balkans, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. Utilizing these contacts we can assist in the promotion and advancement of a variety of projects across a wide international region.

RJCC Orin Enterprise’s goal is to secure a network of cooperating companies that covers the world’s major markets in the Mediterranean region and match them with available projects in the renewable energy sector. Due to the connections in the region we’ve established strong relations with companies or property owners that are interested in developing projects in the renewable energy sector and other areas. We also have strong relations with clients or investors that are interested in finding projects that suit their particular interests.

We assist all our clients in pursuing their interests and help them find the right projects, people, and companies to give them the best opportunity for success with the development of their projects. Above all, we value the relationships that we form with all our clients and it is our highest priority to connect them with companies and investors of the highest standards.